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Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Programing 2 Day 1

The event listeners help with how to move your character in any direction. The do together blocks lets two or more objects to do something at the same time, such as making an object talk while another object jumps up and down. We also learned about the while statement. The while statement repeats a block forever, and it does something while the other object does something else, such as a person jumping and a couple seconds later it does the second command that you told your device to do. We also did a bunch of other things in the day, I can at least name three things that we did. First we did icebreakers to learn everyone else’s names. The next thing we did was work on a lot of projects. The projects were really fun, and confusing at some times. In the day we had a couple of breaks in the day. Breaks let you play games on the computer. Lunch was really good, today we had a cheese sandwich. Later in the day we played Mafia, it was really fun and we played it outside. – Thanks for viewing,

Alessandra K.

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