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Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Programming 2 – 7/7/15

Today we learned to make different scenes in Alice 3. We used camera markers to film one part of the area, and another to film a different part of the land. Then when we went to the code box and put code in each one to make it go from one scene to the other. We also learned how to display text. You go to the shape box in the ‘set up scene’ page, and find the letter A, meaning text. You drag it to the screen and can type whatever you want in it. You can change the opacity of the text by scrolling down in the procedures for it and clicking opacity. You can make it go completely invisible or just thick enough to read. I used all of the things I learned in the MiniProject we did. My MiniProject was a small under the sea talkshow with piranhas and sharks.

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