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Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Programming 2 Day 2

Today we did a lot of fun things. We learned about changing to different scenes using camera markers and changing the appearance of the background to black while the scene changes. I thought that was really cool. We also learned about displaying text. That was my second favorite thing that we learned. Displaying the text let’s you broadcast what you want to say except it’s a type of block instead of a part of the code. We learned about adding sounds too. The way I used the “adding sounds” block is by inserting it in the code of my cat and making the sound as “meow”. There are tons of choices of sounds inside a sound folder. I also used the changing opacity more than all the other functions. You can use the changing opacity to make an object or character to fade away. In our breaks we went outside to play games such as, statue guardian, and ninja. After we came back inside I was really hot and stood near the fan most of the time, and also went back to working time to time. One of the councillors offered to turn the fan in my direction, and I said “Thank you soooooo much!!” Also right now when I am typing these words we just all got notified that we will be moving to another room with actual air conditioning!

– Thanks for viewing, again

Alessandra K.

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