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Posted by on Aug 8, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Data Structures Day 2- Thaddeus Kopczynski

Today I learned many things. First I learned about hash tables, which are a handy way to store data. I learned how to make them, and why they are important. I watched a video about them, and I also touched on stacks and queues. The difference between a stack and a queue, is: a queue means the first item in, is the first item out. Like a lunch line. First person in the line, is the first person out. A stack on the other hand, means that the first one in is the last one out. For example: a stack of papers on a teacher’s desk. When the students place their papers on the desk, the first one on, will be the last one graded (if the order is not disturbed). After lunch, I did some timing tests. I wrote some code, that created a variable, which measures the time, and ┬átested how long it took to do certain tasks.

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