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Posted by on Jul 5, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

TouchDev Day 3

Today I am almost half way to create my own video game! I also ate 2 medium and 2 small fried chicken
and some pasta. My game is about you being a person with a revolver, uzi, butcher knife, sniper and a grenade launcher. In this game you get a tutorial and
you can play multiplayer and play adventure and arena. The first weapon I ever made was the revolver, which is called the Ancient Revolver.
I’m still working on my first upate and I need a different website to work on. I just created the Ancient Revolver in TouchDevelop, although I couldn’t
find anything for the uzi, butcher knife, sniper and grenade launcher. For the Ancient Revolver, I put my revolver ammo as Minecraft Fireballs. I am now
trying to get my 1.0.0 update, my first update. Am I going to get my game finished?

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