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Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

App Development 1 Day 1

Today was the first day at App Development 1. Today we learned how to do the basic stuff on Game Salad, like how to put an character  from the internet and use it on Game Salad. We also learned how to make the character move using the arrow keys, we also learned how to change scenes, clicking on the character and making it rotate, and we also learned how to make a simple maze. The simple maze is called the gem game. Directions for the gem game, move using the arrow keys, avoid the walls, and finally collect the gems. The hard part for me was remembering what button does what. My favorite thing of today was learning how to program a simple game. Tomorrow I look forward learning more interest things. Today nobody was playing Nyan Cat. YAY!!!! 🙂 but…. people were very loud today 🙁 .  There is a lot of people at class today about…hmmm… 20 people I think.

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