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Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

App Development 1 Day 2

Today was the second day at App Development 1. We learned a lot of things like how to keep score and display it, we also learned how to make a shooting game, and we learned how to make an invisible character. The game we made was a shooting game. First we picked our characters for our game. I chose a puppy, dog bone (the projectile), a background, and a fireball. Second we programmed the player (in my case the puppy) to move using the arrow keys. Third we had to make it so that when you pressed the space key the player shoots out something ( in my case the dog bone). Then we had to make an invisible character that can shoot out something(a fireball). Next we had to make a you lose screen and if the fireball touches the player it will go to the you lose screen. Finally we had to make a main menu and I put a start button so you have to press the start button to start. Today was really fun but very loud. Tomorrow I look forward learning how to program a different type of game like a scrolling game. In conclusion I think today was super fun!!!!


(P.S check out Daphne’s blog) Please!!

(P.P.S today people were still playing Nyan Cat) 🙁

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