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Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Last Day in App Development

Today was the last day! It was so exciting to make our final project. I made it a little different then what I told you yesterday.  I made it with score trackers with 2 numbers in it.  and I had less animals than I hoped for. We made a power point telling about our game. I really like my background music it is the Fight Song I was thinking of the Heartbeat Song. My favorite game was my Final Project. I really liked it because it was really hard so it seemed more fun. If it was easy then it would be not that much fun. I also really liked when we made our presentation. I used my own game idea so I did something we didn’t learn in class. I made only 1 level because I thought 1 level was enough because my first level is really hard. I made it easy on my first try and then I thought I should make it harder because I won every time and when I made it harder I almost never won I only won one time. Whoa that’s a tongue twister. I really want to work on Game Salad after camp.  Before I went to camp I thought their would not be that much people and we would make a game on Apple or for Samsung or some other thing. I will probably develop games after camp ends.


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